Paragliding Luzern

Tandem flight procedure

Paragliding Piloten for dem Start, die auf einem üppig grünen Hügel stehen mit See im Hintergrund

Start procedure

After approaching the launch site, your tandem pilot will prepare your flight equipment. Your harness and helmet are fitted and the launch and landing procedure is explained. After a short test run, pilot and passenger attach themselves to the paraglider. If the wind conditions allow it, the pilot pulls up the glider and with a few steps we gently lift off the slope.

Wonderful flight

The dream of flying begins. You sit comfortably in the harness. You feel an indescribable sense of freedom. We use the thermals to climb high. There are many impressions from this unusual perspective that capture you and make you forget everything else. Whether gentle gliding or dynamic curve flying – your wish is decisive. Just enjoy these moments! It is YOUR tandem flight!

Ein Selfie mit einem Paragliding Piloten und weiteren Personen

Soft landing!

After a beautiful flight, we prepare for landing. Gently we land on the earth. You are happy and the dream of flying has come true.

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Our experienced pilots will show you the most beautiful views of Central Switzerland from the air. Discover our flight areas and book your unforgettable adventure in the skies now.

Experience the fascination of flying up close! With our range of tandem flights we create the right flight experience for everyone. Book your paragliding tandem flight now and fulfill your dream.

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